About the Zoning

In September of 2011, the City of Independence officially delcared Englewood Station to be an "Arts District".  This included officially applying a zoning classification called an "Overlay District" to the area.  There are several different types of  Overlay Districts.  Each one "overlays" the existing zoning of the area in order to apply some changes.


The ARTS district is a special purpose zoning classification that is intended to encourage the preservation and enhancement of the arts and related uses. The district is also intended to preserve and enhance the area as a center for a variety of retail, business services, housing and office uses and to promote a strong pedestrian character and scale throughout the district through the use of consistent sidewalks, landscaping and business signage..



Download/view the Arts District Zoning Document



Download/view the City's document regarding Special Overlay Districts



In November 2013, residents, the City of Independence, and Vireo (a planning and design firm) worked together to create a plan for drawing people to Englewood Station and circulating people within that District.:  


Download /view the "Englewood Arts District Circulation Plan"


If you are a neighbor or resident of Independence and you would like to comment on some of the Englewood Station Arts District's various improvements, challenges, or problems, please use our Community Feedback form to relay your comments to us.