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Are you a fan of the shops and galleries of Englewood Station?


Let it be known far and wide that there are two levels of fan-dom!:


Level 1:  Big-Time Fan      


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Level 2:  Die-Hard Fan   (aka  "Friend- Level" Member of the EBA)


You can become an official member of the Englewood Business Association.  Your membership would be a "Friend-level" membership, meaning you would not have the right to vote on official business, but your annual dues are much lower as well.   Attend EBA meetings to keep up on what's going on.  Volunteer where you can.  Know that your dues and your input will really help to improve the lives of everyone in the area, both merchants and residents alike!

                                                                                                                        Friend/ Fan


Simply print off the form and snail-mail it, along with your dues ($60 per year, typically prorated from April 1st) to the address listed on the form itself.   Be sure to attend our monthly meetings!  Once you are a member, you'll be emailed with the location of our meetings, which varies from month-to-month.  Currently, meetings are held on the Second Monday of each month, held at Pottery Art, 10918 E Winner Rd.  They begin at 1:00 PM.